Pefect make-up attitude for older women

Some of us, as we get older we tend to think it's no longer appropriate to makeup. Is it to be blamed the big gap between classic style and modern, teenagers 'loud' makeup? No matter the conviction you have, I am sure you want to look beautiful regardless of your age and you may start with simple makeup for older women. Beauty has no age and attitude is essential.
3 days ago I was taking the bus downtown and I was amazed to see an older women wearing makeup. I estimate she was somewhere around 45-55 years old. The nicest thing, other than here attitude (I could see she was happy with herself), was the perfect makeup. Not to dark, not to colorful, just basic simple and classic type of makeup that will be forever accepted as appropriate.

Here is what I find essential for any women that is over 50 and want to keep her image:
- never use hard dark lines in your makeup as it will make you look scary. Thin lines can work wonder depending on your physiognomy.
- avoid using more than 2-3 different colors. Even if you are a bold one 3 colors can be to much and it will create discrepancy with your age. After all you don't want to look like a desperate women trying to look young.
- sleep is your beauty friend.. among other things like energy, recovery. Have time for a quick 10-20 minutes powernap. Read here about the science behind powernaps.
- no powder blush as this will accentuate your wrinkles. So stay away from it.
- get in contact with your body. You are the only one able to know how you feel. Experience of how your skin reacts to different creams for example is what you can add to your tips and tricks list.

I am sure you know some tips as well. After all you haven't got to 50 years without learning some secrets about beauty and health (share them with us on the comment section). :)

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